Re: Random access and the CSS3 Values spec

* Henri Sivonen wrote:
>As mentioned in my previous messages to the list, I started to  
>implement media query validation based on a faulty assessment of the  
>simplicity of media queries. This was partly due to looking up  
>individual things in normative references instead of reading  
>everything from start to finish.
>If one looks up the definition of e.g. <length> in the CSS3 Values  
>spec[1], one finds that "The format of a length value (denoted by  
><length>) is a <number> immediately followed by a unit identifier  
>(e.g., 'px', 'gd'). After the '0'  length, the unit identifier is  
>Nothing about calc() or any other functional notation. I learned about  
>calc() in passing on #css.
>For the benefit of readers who look up individual definitions, it  
>would be helpful to make the value type definition mention the  
>relevant functions that can appear in a given value type.

You phrase this as a comment on CSS Level 3 Values, but this is really a
comment on the media queries specification. It would not be feasible to
discuss this in the Values specification, since for <length> you might
very well use things that hardly make sense in media queries, attr() for
example. The problem here is that the MQ specification does not say what
it means by "<length>", and that's what should be fixed.
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