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> Yahia wrote:
>> PS: MSIE's PNG transparency support has been fixed in version 7.
> The typical marketing requirement is to support one back version of IE,  
> so that means that GIF still has to be used.  For this application, you  
> need a full alpha channel, not the single transparency index of GIF.

I'm aware of that. If the website owner requires support for previous IE  
versions (v6 which is unlikely to disappear anytime soon), then the author  
may use the simple and clean css hack to provide the same png image  
without transparency, matching the webpage's background:
element { background:url(logo.png); } /*this applies to all browsers,  
including MSIE7*/
* html element { background-image:url(nonalpha-logo.png); } /*this is  
recognised only by MSIE versions _less than_ 7 -- IOW that do not support  
png's alpha channels.*/

Yahia Chlyeh

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