Re: Question about default colors

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007 14:51:36 -0000, Michał Majchrowicz  
<> wrote:

> But.
> Isn't it enough to just set body background-color(like in
> example.html)? It's much simpler than using transparency and other
> stuff? Moreover if the developer receives a company logo he is usually
> not allowed to change it in any aspect...
> Regards Michal.

I disagree. When you use transparency on the image, you can then change  
the background-color of your webpage on the fly, as opposed to when you  
want to do the same with an image that do not use transparency, you have  
to edit the same image (if you had preserved the original file to edit  
with your graphic software) to match your new webpage's background-color.

PS: MSIE's PNG transparency support has been fixed in version 7.


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