Re: CSS Generated content selection

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007 15:12:26 -0000, Spartanicus <> wrote:
> For the current situation where some browsers insert quote marks around
> content marked up with the <q> element (tested with Opera 9.1 & FF2) and
> IE does not (tested with IE6), authors can specify:
> q:before{content:""}
> q:after{content:""}
> which gets rid of the generated quotes in Opera and Mozilla, and then
> maintain the quotes as part of the content proper.

OK, but what about the case when documents are viewed with CSS turned off.  
What about when the document is viewed on Lynx which adds quotations marks  
around <q/> and doesn't support CSS?
Although it might be the only solution, I think it isn't a very elegant  
one. (The ultimate would be to not use <q/> at all, which is in practice.)

I agree with you on the fact that the conception of <q/> in the HTML spec  
is ill-designed, but waiting for XHTML2 to be finished, and wait for it to  
be implemented, is not what we are actually looking for. Bugfixes to  
Microsoft's browser (and others?), and to Gecko's selection of those  
generated quotes, might be easier to accomplish.

> (regrettably "content:none" isn't supported yet by either of these
> browsers)

   q:before, q:after {display:none}
would probably work fine cross-browser (_not_ in Lynx as said above).


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