Re: Question about default colors

"Micha³ Majchrowicz" <> wrote:

>companies usually have some logo. For instance Google multicolored
>text on white background. Since the logo has white background (to keep
>site clean and nice) you have to set body background to white :(

Sorry, still not following. 

Use of an image of text that does not use transparency as per the case
outlined above does not require specifying any colour in CSS. If image
display is disabled the alt content will be displayed in the user's
configured default colours.

If the author does specify colours then the legibility of the text in
the image should be guaranteed if image display is enabled in the
browser due to the background being part of the image, if image display
is disabled in the browser the author specified colours will be used, if
those are in turn overridden via for example a user stylesheet those
colours will apply. Providing that both author and user configured
colours are set simultaneously and sensibly, where's the problem?

>Moreover If you want to put text "My Test" in div with rounder corners
>you also have to specify body background :(

I get the feeling that you have not told the full story, please provide
a real test case, upload it, post the url and tell us where the problem


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