Re: [CSS21] Looking for feedback on max-width/min-width

The CSS WG decided as follows after looking at the feedback received on 
the behavior of min-width/max-width for images with an aspect ratio[1].

  - Leave spec as-is (and continue with the 'image-fit' property in
    CSS Paged Media.)

  - Add a (non-normative) note:

    Note: In cases where an explicit width or height is set and the
    other dimension is auto, applying a minimum or maximum constraint on
    the auto side can cause an over-constrained situation. The spec is
    clear in the behavior but it might not be what the author expects.
    The CSS3 image-fit property can be used to obtain different results
    in this situation.


(For reference, this is issue 4 in the forthcoming "Disposition of 

For the CSS WG,

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Received on Monday, 16 April 2007 16:55:33 UTC