Re: [CSS2 counters] Is it possible to evaluate a value inside CSS?

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>On Tue, 16 May 2006 14:22:02 +0200, Daniel MD
><> wrote:
>>>According to the prose in section 4.3.4 of CSS 2.1 and section 3.7.2 of
>>>the CSS3 Values WD, this isn’t allowed. If it were though, the syntax
>>>would have to be like <content-list> in the ‘content’ property:
>>>   url(counter(list,decimal) ".gif")
>>>Strings need to be quoted, and things are concatenated by separating
>>>them with a space.
>>I also tried that syntax in fact it was the first one i tried, it also
>>does not work, how does the counter get evaluated... is there any way to
>>do something like url(toString(counter(list, decimal)) ".gif"); ?
>That's not the problem. The problem is that something like that is not
>allowed as Laurens pointed out.

Well OK but i need to understand why is it not 
allowed? And if there is a way to exploit the 
code in some way that make it possible

>>I think i need to get into the inner workings of the counter and URL
>>parameters see how they are implemented and try to see if there is a way
>>to get the return from the counter propriety, and concatenate it with
>>the file extension... any pointers on how to do this?
>It won't work. The property values that look like functions don't actually
>work like they would in programming languages. So for now there's no way
>to do what you want.

Then how do they work? If you could explain it to me i would appreciate it :)
Concatenation is built, and if you can output a 
url with image and also if i can have a counter 
that outputs: (Image1.gif) and this is pretty 
easy there must be a way to turn that into a 
valid image url directly or indirectly i just 
need to figure out how, all the functionality is 
already built now i just need to glue this in some weird fashion way.

What i don't get is why did the counter propriety 
got created and then limit it's scope so much, 
wend there are so many cool things that you can do with a counter...


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