Re: "Unknown Parse Mode!" when validating with DOCTYPE chosen to force STRICT mode in Mozilla

Henri Sivonen wrote:

> You can't just "rely" on the Standards Mode taking care of what you  are 
> doing. The Standards Mode is not an enforcement mode. If you are  doing 
> the right thing with CSS, the Standards Mode will render it  correctly 
> (subject to bugs). However, if the Standards Mode is  rendering 
> something the way you want, you can't know for sure that  you aren't 
> relying on non-standard or buggy behavior that will get  fixed.

I do agree with this (it's really only another way of saying
that testing can never demonstrate the absence of bugs, only
their presence).  But testing against a browser which is
believed to be running in Full Standards Mode is surely better
than testing against one that's known not to be, n'est-ce pas ?

> As for the Almost Standards Mode vs. the Standards Mode, the  difference 
> is that in the Almost Standards Mode vertical alignment of  images works 
> differently, which matters if you have sliced images in  table cells.

We may well have : my work is concerned almost entirely with templates,
and I have little or no control over the uses to which they are
eventually put ...

** Phil.

Received on Thursday, 13 July 2006 14:50:11 UTC