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Joost 'AlthA' de Valk schreef:
> When an element has a border-radius that is more than half the the 
> element's width or height, should it draw a border at all?
> F/I:
> <div style="height: 50px; width: 50px; border-radius: 30px; 
> background-color: #0f0;"></div>
> In WebKit, this div will not be rounded, since it's height is to low 
> to have a rounded with a radius of 30px. The spec, up till now, says 
> nothing of how to behave in this situation. My suggestion would be to 
> add:
> "If the border-radius is more than half of the width or height of an 
> element, the border-radius is not drawn at all."
> I'd like to hear your opinion on this situation.

Hi Joost,

I would prefer the curved border to be drawn, up to half the available 
height/width (so in effect the border would look a bit pointy halfway 
the box; probably people will put this effect to good use :)!). 
Alternatively, if the radius doesn’t fit, it could be adjusted to the 
largest value that does.

This would look a lot better for cases where the radius is specified in 
pixels, but the height is determined by e.g. the content height (it 
might occasionally only contain 1 line) or em units (the user may have 
selected smaller fonts than the designer), etc.

Having one box with square corners on a page filled with boxes all 
having rounded corners would look pretty bad.


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Received on Thursday, 6 July 2006 19:08:02 UTC