Re: comments on CSS3 Selectors from XSL Working Group

> We must therefore once again[2] urgently request that the
> document be titled "CSS Selectors" and not simply "Selectors" or

Past confusion in this forum indicates that such a title would
mislead too many people into thinking that they could only be
used for style sheets.   Please provide a suggestion that achieves
your goals without referring to CSS, or style sheets.

> We object to the characterization expressed in the above
> sentence. It could be construed as implying that CSS selectors
> are somehow superior to all other forms of selection in terms of
> performance.  There is nothing in the specification to support

A frequent reason for rejecting proposed new selectors is that they
would perform poorly when documents are dynamically modified, so
performance has been one of the key design criteria.  This is an
area where there is tention between the desires of content authors
for more power and the performance requirement, so there have been
compromises.  Requests for XSL type extensions are rejected for this

Received on Friday, 27 January 2006 08:35:06 UTC