Re: I18n comment: Notion of type

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> >
> > Your notion of "type": It would be good if you note that there are different
> > notions of types, e.g. the element name as a type (as in the case of CSS) as
> > the XML Schema notion of types.
> It is not the draft which makes the confusion, but the fact that esp. in 
> the last years of W3C standardization various notion of types have been 
> created. Since you seem to aim this document for a wider audience, you 
> might not only technical issues into account, but also readability / 
> wider context issues.

The working group discussed this issue.

We do not understand where the confusion is. The term "element type" is a 
well-established term used since before 1986. While the word "type" does 
have other meanings, of course, it does not seem confusing in this 

If this does not satisfy you, please let us know more detailed reasons 
for your request.

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