Re: Regarding Comma Separation

On 1/16/06, David Hyatt <> wrote:
> I'm not sure it's all that inconsistent actually.  For example, when
> you specify multiple fallback fonts, you are creating a situation
> where a run of text could render with glyphs from any or all of the
> fonts in the list.
Very interesting, I'd not thought about it like that. However, whilst
fonts do allow more subtle fallback than the all-or-nothing behaviour
of images, it's still fundamentally fallback behaviour, very different
from specifying multiple background-images to be displayed together.

Accepting that fonts are a more complicated and subtle beast, I think
perhaps the bigger problem lies with the 'content' property fallback,
which is identical to the syntax of background-image.

Closely related, is there currently a mechanism for specifying
fallback background-images? If there isn't, perhaps such fallback
would be a better use of the comma syntax on background-image, with
something new (&) for multiples. Otherwise, adding such fallback later
will definitely require a different character separator altogether
(and different again from the content fallback). That _will_ be messy.


Received on Tuesday, 17 January 2006 13:56:49 UTC