Re: [BULK] - Re: [XHTML2] Spirit of "1.1.3. XHTML 2 and Presentation" (PR#7759)

Anne van Kesteren wrote:

> The W3C Web APIs WG is working on that.
> (I think this whole discussion should move to more appropriate lists  
> though. Regarding scripting itself and this specifically probably  
> Not sure about the generic definition of <style> 
> and  <script> and <?xml-stylesheet?>...)

I agree that this discussion has become off-topic, and apologise, 
because I cannot fairly lay the blame for that on anyone but myself. In 
my defence, I have learned a great deal from the discussion, and want to 
give my warm thanks to everyone involved.

I'm confident that I'm doing, if not the totally right thing, at least 
not the totally wrong thing with my current content and software 
practices. I am happy to wait for the efforts of the appropriate 
standards groups to come to fruition, set the way forward, and for the 
smart people to adopt, adapt and improve. I'll join in afterwards.

In the here and now, I'm going to explore the boundaries of what is 
possible, with what I've got, best I can, and take some responsibility 
for ensuring that my stuff, even if nonsense, has posterity. You guys 
have given me some great ideas on how to think about it.
Paul Mitchell

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