[selectors] Attribute Selector Values Beginning with Digits

   For the attribute value selectors, is it required that values 
beginning with digits must either be quoted or the first digit escaped? 
  For example:

p#test1[title=0] { color: green; }
p#test2[title="0"] { color: green; }
p#test3[title=\30] { color: green; }

<p id="test1" title="0">This line should be green.</p>
<p id="test2" title="0">This line should be green.</p>
<p id="test3" title="0">This line should be green.</p>

 From what I could find in the spec, it seemed to indicate that all 
three tests are correct, but Mozilla, Opera, Safari and OmniWeb seem to 
fail test 1 and pass tests 2 and 3, while the new IE7b2 and iCab pass 
all three.  If I understand correctly, that would make IE7 and iCab 
right and the others wrong.  Is that right?

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Tuesday, 7 February 2006 08:45:53 UTC