Re: [CSS3] tabbed(stacked) ...

Laurens Holst wrote:
> Matthew Raymond schreef:
>> 3) It pollutes the URL.
> No it does not. This preserves the ability to link to a certain state 
> within a document (for free, it is inherent to the design), which is 
> quite a valueable merit.

   That's somewhat true, but we need to distinguish between a
presentational state and linking to a specific part of the document. If
you're using an ID in the URL solely to trigger the :target
pseudo-class, they you're talking about presentation. If the user
specifically wants to link to a certain element within the document,
then that's a navigational state. What was proposed was using the
document URL for presentational purposes. The optimal behavior of a tab
is not to link to the associated tab section, but to display that
section. Therefore, you're defending a change of URL for presentational
rather than navigational purposes.

   Hmm... Then again, that's what :target is for isn't it? Perhaps it
would be useful to run through the use cases for :target...

Received on Monday, 6 February 2006 21:20:36 UTC