Re: Web Fonts

Also sprach Chris Lilley:

 > The point is that CSS1 has a nice model where the fonts available
 > is not an opaque blob but has separate descriptors for things like
 > the family, the style, the weight, and so on. its then possible to
 > change one property and match to a different font.

The descriptors are there to replicate information from the font
files. This is a mainly a performace issue -- instead of (e.g.) having
to download a 50k font file to check which unicode ranges it covers,
you can declare this in a descriptor. However, giving values to the
descriptors is optional and the model doesn't depend on this.

In the proposed syntax, you can still "change one property and match to
a different font". E.g., this would work:

  h1 { 
    font-familiy: Headline, url(, serif 
    font-weight: bold;
  h2 { 
    font-familiy: Headline, url(, serif 
    font-style: italic;

 > I explained all this last week at a very interesting Web Font panel
 > at TypeCon 2006 in Boston, together with representatives from
 > Apple, Adobe and Microsoft Typography. The audience there
 > understood the issues very well and how Hakon's proposal would
 > break all that.

In that case, you didn't present my proposal correctly.

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