Re: Web Fonts

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Chris Lilley wrote:
> You miss the point entirely. I am not talking of whether the syntax 
> would cause a syntax error in CSS (nothing does as far as I can see).
> The point is that CSS1 has a nice model where the fonts available is not 
> an opaque blob but has separate descriptors for things like the family, 
> the style, the weight, and so on. its then possible to change one 
> property and match to a different font.

*shrug*. That would be an acceptable loss, IMHO, if it was true.

But it isn't; I believe the idea howcome suggested would allow for 
multiple TTF files to be included in the .zip file, such that the other 
font properties would select the right font from the zip file.

(Also, you said it would be backwards incompatible. This has nothing to do 
with backwards compatibility.)

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