Re: Proposed ::last-line and ::last-letter selectors

>      If a number is negative, print it in red.
>      If a name (IBM) appears in a page, make the word's font larger and blue.
>      Display all (American) monetary values with a dollar sign ($), a decimal 
> point (.) and cents ("$f8.2" for example).

These involve putting document semantics only into the style sheet.

Normally the problem one gets is attempts to putting things into the
HTML purely for presentational reasons, but, in this case, these 
constructs should be explicitly marked up in the HTML if they are
important enough to justify special styling.  The negative number is
the most awkward, as one could argue that the semantic markup only
really needs to go as far as to indicate that this is a number, rather
than a digit string.

The negative number also demonstrates a  problem in doing this without
proper semantic markup, as -999 formats are often used as version
suffixes, and sometimes only the suffix is quoted.

Received on Tuesday, 22 August 2006 07:03:45 UTC