Re: Selector for parent/predecessor?

Ian Hickson <> wrote:

>Here's a study:
>Take one example: writing a page with <table> markup is inefficient from 
>the point of view of browser page load times.

Using a single table to create a basic "layout" does not need to
increase the size of the code by more than a small and insignificant
amount when compared to so-called "CSS layouts".

><table> is the 9th most 
>often used element. Conclusion: authors make bad decisions.

That's a bit harsh. Let's not forget that CSS 1 & 2 failed to provide
authors with a decent mechanism to create web layouts. This contrasts
sharply with author's desire to use CSS to create layouts. The CSS
methods that are currently commonly used and abused to overcome this
shortcoming are the cause of much confusion and frustration amongst
authors due to their inherent unsuitability for this purpose.

Instead of blaming authors for using what works for them, lets
acknowledge the failure in CSS 1 & 2 of not providing a layout


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