Re: [CSS21] 17.6.2 The collapsing border model

> I think this text is too restrictive. CSS 2.1 should allow a
> UA to consider all rows and make the table border wide enough
> to not cause any border to spill into the margin area.

My understanding is that CSS 2.1 is intended to document what is
currently, and interoperably, implemented, not as a place to 
propose new features.  CSS3 is the place for innovation.  If there
are not two or more existing, interoperable implementations, a
feature should not be in CSS 2.1.

There is also an issue that there is a strong lobby to eliminate
all user agent discretion in rendering, so that authors don't need
to be able to read and understand standards and can just test on
the current market leader and still get close layout control across
all CSS browsers.   I think this is unfortunate, as being able to
specify that certain features are implementation dependent is a 
powerful mechanism for enabling innovation, but it is probably 
necessary in the current environment, where auhors don't read 
standards.  (This is really for the benefit of current non-market
leaders, as they have to achieve this level of compatibility whether
or not the standards dictate it, so as not to reduce their market

Note that considering all rows is not an option for fixed table
layouts, which, though very underused, are probably the right thing
to use on many tables, particular where table is being abused for
layout.  The whole point of fixed table layouts is that rendering
can start as soon as the the first row arrives and no subsequent
fix up is required, i.e. incremental rendering.

Received on Friday, 4 August 2006 07:00:38 UTC