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I think this is really needed (I find myself having to use opaque images 
because the background color would shine though), but I propose a simpler 

      Value: <color> [ <color> ]?
      Initial: transparent
      Applies to: all elements
      Inherited: no
      Percentages: N/A
      Media: visual
      Computed value: <color> <color>

I'm not sure about the computed value though, perhaps if both are the same 
it should compute to just <color>? Or be as specified?

Proposed new text for [css3-background]:

   This property sets the background color of an element (the first value), 
and the background
   color to be used instead when one or more background images are present 
for that element (the
   second value). When the second value is omitted it is the same as the 
first value. Valid color values
   are defined in the Color Module [CSS3COLOR].

Simon Pieters

Received on Friday, 4 August 2006 01:34:28 UTC