Re: Text Flow

Daniel Todd Currie wrote:
> If it would be helpful, I'll work on putting together a good sample 
> page.  However one general instance could be if you want continuous text 
> to take a certain shape like below (view in fixed-width font):
> +------------------+
> |                  |
> |                  |
> |                  |
> |         +--------+
> |         |
> |         |
> |         |
> +---------+
> I propose the ability to form such an area out of two div elements.  
> This becomes problematic, I realize, since if the text doesn't fit 
> evenly in the top portion, you will have a leading anomaly at the 
> junction of the two blocks.  

Hmm. What fits into that notch there? I'm wondering if floats would be a
good way to go for this, since they cause surrounding text to shape around'
objects. But I suspect there are a number of reasons why that won't work
for what you're trying to do -- maybe you could explain them?

> Any thoughts on an even better way such functionality could be specified?

You might want to look through the CSS3 Advanced Layout draft. It's currently
just a proposal, but we would appreciate any feedback you can give on how well
it solves layout problems, whether it is easy to understand and use, and what
other useful layout cases aren't covered.


Received on Friday, 7 April 2006 00:30:26 UTC