Re: Text Flow

If it would be helpful, I'll work on putting together a good sample  
page.  However one general instance could be if you want continuous  
text to take a certain shape like below (view in fixed-width font):

|                  |
|                  |
|                  |
|         +--------+
|         |
|         |
|         |

I propose the ability to form such an area out of two div elements.   
This becomes problematic, I realize, since if the text doesn't fit  
evenly in the top portion, you will have a leading anomaly at the  
junction of the two blocks.

Any thoughts on an even better way such functionality could be  

On 2006 Apr 6, at 3:55, fantasai wrote:

> Daniel Todd Currie wrote:
>> Apologies if this is a common request, but I haven't seen it   
>> discussed, and could find no mention of it anywhere in the spec...
>> Quite frequently (on nearly every page I make), I wish that I  
>> could  make text flow from one div to another.  I suppose this  
>> would be a  logical extension of the overflow property, or perhaps  
>> a new text- overflow property.  Something like this:
>> #firstDiv
>> {
>>     text-overflow: id(#secondDiv);
>> }
>> This way, the text always flows naturally around the page and yet   
>> always fills spaces that may be flexible based on viewable area.
>> Have I explained this clearly?  Is this functionality perhaps  
>> already  available (and I'm thus an idiot)?  Am I an idiot  
>> regardless of the  availability of this functionality?
> The functionality doesn't exist, but manipulating overflow through
> multiple boxes seems to be a good use case to consider in the  
> discussion
> of CSS3 Advanced Layout proposals.
> Do you have an example page or two where this kind of layout function
> would be useful?
> ~fantasai

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