Re: [CSS21] Status of defult (intrinsic) style sheet in UA

On Wednesday 2005-11-23 12:22 -0800, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> Can we remove mentioning of any UA specific pre- and post- 
> style processing  procedures from the spec?
> In particular items:
> > 1. UA stylesheet
> > 2. non-HTML presentational attributes
> and
> > 11. UA stylesheet !important, sorted by specificity and then order
> ?
> as it is really up to UA how to set initial values of styles and
> how to implement fixup procedures. 
> It is enough to say that UA is in its rights to implement these
> functions in its own way and this process is *completely unrelated*
> to style cascading, specificity and order - scope of the spec per se.
> Why we need these UA implementation details there?

We need it because it limits what a conformant UA can do.  If we didn't
have that limitation then a UA could do anything and claim that it was
still conformant, but that the "bug" was due to the behavior of its UA


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