Re: [CSS21] Status of defult (intrinsic) style sheet in UA

Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> Since the intention is to combine two systems in one then 
> user should know list of !important (at UA level) attributes up front.
> This means that such list must be defined in spec.
> Otherwise it is a mess - user will need to mark all his/her styles 
> as !important just in case not to be overriden by particular UA.

Why would any !important rule in the UA stylesheet ever override any 
rules in the author or user style sheets, and thus why would a user ever 
need to know which rules were !important in the UA stylesheet?  Looking 
at the cascading order:

    1. user agent style sheets
    2. user normal style sheets
    3. author normal style sheets
    4. author important style sheets
    5. user important style sheets

We see that in first position is the user agent's stylesheets (including 
normal and !important rules), and positions 2 to 5 are the user and 
author stylesheets.  Perhaps that could be clarified as:

    1. *user agent normal style sheets*
    2. *user agent important style sheets*
    3. user normal style sheets
    4. author normal style sheets
    5. author important style sheets
    6. user important style sheets

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Wednesday, 23 November 2005 01:17:23 UTC