Re: Line Breaking Properties and the inline box model

Boris Zbarsky schreef:
> It has a newline character.  But the text is using normal white-space, 
> so the line-break is ignored just like a newline in HTML text would 
> be.    Set "white-space: pre" or equivalent on that ::after 
> pseudo-element and try again in Gecko.  ;)

The original question was about line breaking inside long lines of text, 


If the screen is too small for that to fit, the Unicode standard annex 
14 defines that e.g. the text may be broken onto the next line after a 
hyphen, before a [ and never before a . (period). Gecko does not 
implement that, causing long lines to overflow quickly and I’ve seen 
that mess up quite some layouts out there. There is a bug about this, 
too, that is bug 212456.

It would be nice if the line breaking behaviour could be specified 
through some CSS property, because for some elements (e.g. pre or code 
blocks) the breaking may be undesirable, I’m thinking "line-break: 
avoid;" or something.


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Received on Tuesday, 1 November 2005 18:00:54 UTC