Re: Line Breaking Properties and the inline box model

On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Several people inside Opera wonder how CSS interacts with the Line 
> Breaking Properties standard[1].
> [1]<>

It doesn't, in particular. User agents are free to use whatever they like 
for line breaking.

Note that Unicode TR#14 is generally considered to be just a basic 
guideline, it certainly isn't the optimal line-breaking algorithm, and in 
general fails to handle a number of scripts in sensible ways. Even with 
languages like English it has numerous problems, for example it handles 
maths rather poorly.

In short, I would not recommend following TR#14 very closely.

> Especially as it defines some very specific rules for displaying certain 
> text, but does not say how this interacts with CSS. If you have:
>  <span>ABC </span>]
> ...and the SPAN element has a 'border'. Is line-breaking allowed? I 
> assume it is allowed when the SPAN is set to 'display:block'.

I do not understand this question. Is line-breaking allowed where? What is 
the value of 'white-space'? What is the language of the element? etc.

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