Re: [selectors] Tree selectors and �tors

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> :or(body, section, navigation):depth(3) h
>> Actually, :or has an even stronger use case here than :depth...
> I wonder how :or fits in with existing pseudo-classes (selecting an 
> element based on a particular conditation).

I am not proposing a specific syntax :).

>> :depth is pretty much already possible, although with limitations. You
>> can write ul ul ul ul to target fourth-level (and deeper) unordered
>> lists. It can be pretty compact even :), although it does of course not
>> allow infinite nesting like depth does (but in reality, you never need
>> that).
> You don't?

The indenting would kill me ;p.

Seriously, if you look at heading levels (1...6) or nested lists, any 
real-world document I have made so far never reached ‘level 6’... (And 
when you use descendant selectors, any deeper levels would not be 
unstyled, just styled the same as level 6).


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Received on Monday, 21 March 2005 15:06:40 UTC