Re: [selectors] Tree selectors

How about counting only tags of one type. 0-based, the n-th descending 
tag of type x from the starting/base tag x.

*level*                  *possible selector(s)*
 <ul>                  ul:depth(0) / ul
   <ul>                ul:depth(1) / ul ul (/ ul>*>ul)
      <ul>             ul:depth(2) / div>ul:depth(0) / ul ul ul / div>ul
        <ul>           ul:depth(3) / div>ul:depth(1) / ul ul ul ul / div>ul ul

where  :depth(arg) has the possible values n, an+b, odd, even.

Ian Hickson wrote:

>On Mon, 21 Mar 2005, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>>... I think some :depth(arg) pseudo-class or other method should be 
>>designed to have similar options for trees.
>This has been suggested before, but no solid proposal has been suggested 
>yet. The problems lie in deciding where the counting should start, so as 
>to correctly handle things like:
>   <ul>
>    <li>
>     <ul>
>      <li>
>       <div>
>        <ul>
>         <li>
>   <section>
>    <h/>
>    <section>
>     <h/>
>     <section>
>      <h/>
>      <section>
>       <div>
>        <h/>
>       </div>
>Proposals welcome.



Groeten Joost


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