Re: [css2] Box Model padding

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> I have been directed here from the list.
> The people on the list were not aware of 'box-sizing' and a similar 
> non-standard property '-moz-sizing'? Anyway, that is what you are 
> looking for. You can find more information on Google I guess.

Make that -moz-box-sizing. Additionally, a lot of the problems requiring 
box model hacks and who knows what stems from IE’s bad original 
interpretation of the standard. Additionally, the best solution to most 
problems, involving absolute positioning with a width or height of auto, 
is blocked by IE lacking support for that specific thing. So, I’d say 
that IE is the root of all evil (*cough*), not the box model ;p.

Read more on my blog, where I wrote about it some time ago:


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