Re: Why reduce font size

Adam Kuehn wrote:
> >The defaults (16 px) work fine for me, having
> >average eye-sight and using a quite common
> >display setup (15" TFT @ 1024 px  768 px).
> >Anyway, this is not really a topic for www-style.
> Well, would it be possible or appropriate for the
> spec to recommend that initial UA defaults be
> explicitly set by the user by means of a sizing
> wizard on install?  Such a recommendation would
> be non-normative, but I can't think of a better
> place for a formal recommendation that might
> actually have some effect on the eternal
> font-size wars.  If the user is always setting
> their own default to suit their own needs,
> perhaps designers will feel less temptation to
> over-ride those user choices.
> Or maybe we are just stuck in font-size purgatory forever.

With a push from the right person/people, Gecko could have had this
yesterday. It's not like a novel idea:
"In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you."
                                                Matthew 7:12 NIV

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