Re: Why reduce font size

Why indeed. :-(

Paul Duncan wrote:
> While that tried to address the problem, it resulted in the default font in
> all browsers being way too large for normal usage.

No it didn't. 16px has different meanings to different people, and
different meanings according to display size and screen resolution.
Until you're looking at a particular combination of all of those, you
can't know whether 16px is too small, too large, or just right. 16px is
virtually infinitesimal on a 1400x1050 14" laptop. 16px is too small for
me to read without pain at 1400x1050 on a 19" display. 16px at 1024x768
is just fine for me, but only on a 19" (or larger) display. 

> Thanks to standards I exclusively use font sizes specified as "x-small and
> xx-small etc..."

Thank God modern browser makers include a text zoom function. It's too
bad people like you make zoom necessary on most web sites. Medium is
perfect for me. If medium is too big for you, YOUR BROWSER is improperly
configured, not mine.

> Why? I use this as it allows the users of ALL browsers (including IE) to
> change the size of the font according to their wishes.

They shouldn't need to. The browser setting is called a preference for
good reason - it's the size the user of the browser prefers. Why should
you make it smaller for him when you can't be bothered to make yours
right for you?
> It's scary to note that some of those large organisations you highlighted
> fix the font size (Apple at 12px) which does limit the accessibility to
> their sites.
Apple is horrid. Not only does it impose tiny text, it makes extensive
use of text in images, which truly makes text impossible to read on high
resolution displays.
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