Re: [css3] Specificity mechanism issue

> > but assuming (this seems absolutely legitimate) the calculated
> > values for the specificity to be decimal, it turns out that the
> > specificity mechanism [...]
> They're not, and this has been clear from CSS1: [...]
> I don't know of any specification that says it's not in a large base,
> so I don't see any changes (unless I'm misunderstanding your point).

Clear mistake, studiousness can cause too much assiduousness ;) -- I
remembered the concatenation here to be done with a delimiter (as in the CSS
2.1 specification [1]), and this obviously mislead me.

Nonetheless, this "lapsus" seems avoidable if the CSS 2.1 spec was in line
with the other recommendations [2-4] -- namely illustrationg the specificity
via e.g. "100" instead of "0,1,0,0".



Jens Meiert
Interface Architect (IxD)

Received on Tuesday, 14 September 2004 07:13:09 UTC