Re: Useragent Rules in CSS

*Kynn Bartlett*:
> So basically, Dave is saying, "I need some way to ensure that what
> I write is either going to (a) work, or (b) not do anything at all,
> because (c) partially work will screw up the presentation for the
> user."

Like already proposed, the minimal solution was a grouping at-rule, like

  @batch {
    foo {property1: value; property2: value}

If the browser can apply *all* rulesets inside, they are, else none of them.

Can anyone provide an example which this approach cannot solve?

>       @supports(td:hover) {/* CSS code */}

You would have to be able to nest such blocks or add support for at least AND

> The core concept is that only the browser knows exactly what the
> browser is capable of --

Any such mechanism should only be designed to work around non implemented
parts, not wrongly implemented ones (bugs).

Received on Tuesday, 30 March 2004 17:53:45 UTC