RE: Useragent Rules in CSS

> From: Christoph Päper []
> Can anyone provide an example which this approach cannot solve?
> >       @supports(td:hover) {/* CSS code */}
> You would have to be able to nest such blocks or add support 
> for at least AND
> constructs.
> > The core concept is that only the browser knows exactly what the
> > browser is capable of --
> Exactly.
> Any such mechanism should only be designed to work around non 
> implemented
> parts, not wrongly implemented ones (bugs).

I could easily see browsers using this to allow users to turn support for
various CSS features on and off.  A checkbox for @supports(text-decoration:
blink) jumps out immediately.  A numeric value for @supports(font-size <
4pt) would be very helpful against that particular kind of spam that uses
1px-high text to throw off Bayesian anti-spam tools.  A designer's nightmare
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