Re: @useragent (was Proposal: version at-rule)

Felipe Gasper wrote:
>> wrote:
>> According to
>> Mozilla has over a 9% share, with Opera close to your cut-off
>> at 2.1; poor old Netscape 4 has really fallen off the bottom of the 
>> scale ...
>> Philip Taylor, RHBNC
> I would like to know how w3schools gets 9% for Moz/Gecko. I would love 
> it to be true, but somehow I have a hard time buying it, esp. when all 
> other surveys seem to indicate something more like 2-3%.
> -Felipe

I strongly doubt w3schools gets an unsually high influx of Gecko users,
especially seeing how most of their advanced tutorials expect the user
to focus on MSIE proprietary coding.
Following the XML embedding tutorials for HTML breaks validity in all cases.

Anyway. Seeing how many advanced users prefer alternate browsers over
MSIE and sometimes tend to be using Linux anyhow, 9% might be realistic,
although I wouldn't expect to archieve the same results with a website
that has a more general target audience (eg. a news site or online portal).


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