Re: Proposal: useragent at-rule

> I don't think feature-based querying is a good idea.  The whole 
> motivation behind this proposal is that browsers are flawed and don't 
> necessarily implement the spec properly.  A feature-based solution would 
> result in browsers claiming to implement features even when their 
> support for those features was still flawed.  Ultimately authors really 
> need to be able to identify the exact browser version in order to really 
> know what they're dealing with.

So we can't query for the user agent string, because it's unreliable.

We can't query for CSS support levels, because manufacturers bend the truth.

We can't query for CSS features because support may be flawed.

What about asking nicely and/or buying it flowers?

- - -

I'd suspect querying for precise browser/version/OS gets us back to the 
old Netscape/MSIE quandry when spoofing became commonplace. In this case 
the implementation would be different -- exclusive (if browser = x, 
DON'T do this), rather than inclusive (if browser = x, DO this) -- but 
would it be different enough?


Received on Monday, 29 March 2004 17:35:50 UTC