Re: Proposal: useragent at-rule

I don't think feature-based querying is a good idea.  The whole 
motivation behind this proposal is that browsers are flawed and don't 
necessarily implement the spec properly.  A feature-based solution 
would result in browsers claiming to implement features even when their 
support for those features was still flawed.  Ultimately authors really 
need to be able to identify the exact browser version in order to 
really know what they're dealing with.


On Mar 29, 2004, at 2:14 PM, Dave Shea wrote:

>> The way to do this is NOT to introduce browser-specific code into 
>> CSS, but to test for support of individual features:
>> @supports(td:hover) {
>>     /* CSS code */
>> }
>> Part of the reason for having official standards is to lessen the 
>> dependence upon coding for a particular browser; having that standard 
>> explicitly account for browser peculiarities wouldn't make sense.
> I like this just fine. I completely agree with you. I don't care at 
> all about the method, it's the principle I'm concerned with.
> Is there any official momentum behind this?
> d.

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