Re: CSS3 Tests site

> I have just launched a CSS3 tests site at http://geocities=2Ecom/seanmh=
> all2003/css3 It only contains two tests so far but I plan on adding man=
> y many more in the very near future

Might I ask what the purpose of these tests is?  They all seem to be focusing
on testing whether there is some really basic support for CSS3 features, not on
whether there is correct support.  Just making sure that the former is what
you're aiming to test, I guess.

In any case, please list versions in all places where you say that a browser
does or does not support something.

Finally, two nits:

1)  This is not the first CSS3 test site.  The CSS3 Selectors test suite
    pointed to earlier in this thread certainly predates this site.
2)  Ian's point about testcase writing is very important.  For some of these
    tests it's very hard to tell whether a browser has passed....

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