Re: Proposal: version at-rule

Quoth Christoph Päper on 3/26/2004 9:39 AM...
> Good cross-browser, cross-version scripts don't test for such random things,
> but for methods they are really using, like
>   if (document.getElementById)
>     document.getElementById('myDiv');
> Perhaps---although I doubt it---CSS should have such an "if feature", but
> certainly not some generic and random switch based upon UA strings or alleged
> support for a certain level of CSS.

I agree here - if CSS wants to follow in the DOM spec's footsteps and have 
something like, say:

@supports(td.dataRow.even)) {
/* CSS rules */

This would be easy for browsers to implement and wouldn't shift focus away from 
coding to the standards rather than the browser implementations thereof. I'm all 
for something like that.

-Felipe Gasper

Received on Friday, 26 March 2004 13:50:33 UTC