Re: [css3-hyperlinks] inclusion of Clink in next WD

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> From: Anne van Kesteren (fora) <>
> Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> >(although
> >
> >  :not(:link) { link: url(foo); }
> >
> >does trigger alarm bells)
> >
> I wonder why (probably because I don't know that much about how a UA 
> processes a style sheet).
> It would select every element that currently isn't a link. Then it tries 
> to create a link using
>  link:url(foo);
> If attribute "foo" contains a valid URI, the link is created and the 
> selector doesn't apply anymore. If attribute "foo" contains an invalid 
> URI... was that your issue?

But once it created those links, the selector :not(:link) no longer
applies to those elements which means that the links should be
undone, which means that the selectors applies which means....

So either you get a logical contradiction or an endless cycle.
That was presumably the alarum that was sounded.

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