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> David Woolley wrote:
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> > Designers should, of course, specify line heights in ems.
> Surely in exs ?  Ems are horizontal units, derived from the
> notional width of a cap. "M" in the current font; exs are
> vertical units, derived from the notional height of a
> lower-case "x" in the current font.

That is the case for traditional typography, but not CSS.
CSS assumes that the height of the em quad is also
the intrinsic height of a line of text, and  it uses that as
the definition of em.  Thus for example, if you want
double spacing, set 'line-height' to 2em.  Also, altho
it is a part of CSS, proper support for the ex unit has
been spotty at best, with several UA's assuming
that it is a fixed fraction of an em.

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