Re: @viewport at-rule and 'title' (was Re: [css3] :viewport pseudo-class)

Tantek «elik wrote:

>This concept of "::viewport" is much more akin to the "@page" rule, and thus
>an "@viewport" rule makes more sense.

>And just as @page has the special 'size' property, we could add a special
>'title' property to @viewport so that arbitrary XML documents could be
>styled to present what they consider their title in the title of the window,
>@viewport {
>  title: "Welcome to this XML document";
>@viewport {
>  title: contents(root>label); /* note use of Selectors on the RHS */
While the idea is nice, I think that 'title' is better preserved as an 
alternative to the TITLE _attribute_ in HTML, not the TITLE element. 
(Maybe we could even style these tooltips using @title.)

I think that the "document title" in XML should be expressed different. 


The last element for which 'content' is set to 'document-title' will be 
"document title" of the document.


 Anne van Kesteren

Received on Tuesday, 9 March 2004 06:41:53 UTC