[css3-tables] same as CSS2.1?

Is this really true 

> /Tables/ describe the layout of tables: rows, columns, cells and 
> captions, with their borders and alignments. The model in CSS3 will be 
> the same as in CSS2.

Since the CSS2 model isn't that great. An example are the 'height' and 
'width' properties, that (should) behave different on tables per the 
specification (done for backwards compatibility with HTML).

Some other table related issues are not addressed by CSS2, if there 
comes no new working draft, will we have to wait for CSS4 before we can 
use the COLSPAN and ROWSPAN attributes from HTML4.01 in CSS?

Some non-normative references:
 - http://annevankesteren.nl/archives/2004/01/css-tables
 - http://annevankesteren.nl/archives/2004/01/css-tables-part-2

 Anne van Kesteren

Received on Saturday, 6 March 2004 10:37:23 UTC