RE: [CSS21] CSS 2.1 text-transform ambiguity

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> From: Felipe Gasper <>
>      I am designing a web application for managing accounting data. To
> users from "instinctively" holding SHIFT to capitalize, I am capitalizing
> text displayed in form elements (input[type='text'] {text-transform: 
> uppercase}). This, of course, has no effect on the *actual* data passed
to the 
> application server.
>      This technique works in Gecko and IE, but KHTML (both Konqueror and
> ignores this CSS property of the <input> tag, presumably because,
> this is not "enclosed" text as the specification seems to point out.
>      Perhaps some stipulation should be added to the CSS spec regarding
> useful property?

Hmmm.  I can see it both ways.  The user entered text is NOT part of the
contents of that element, so should a UA apply text effects to the entered
value or not? The CSS3 UI working draft may provide a possibility.
The ::value pseudo-element provides an explicit way to style the value
of a form control.  It could be that KHTML implements this; but  I have
no knowledge of KHTML.  In any case, it would be simple to test:
   input[type='text']::value {text-transform: uppercase}
and see if it works.

Another possibility is that as a security measure, KHTML disables
certain types of effects for form controls.  (Altho why text-transform
would be considered a security hazard is beyond me.)

Received on Monday, 1 March 2004 16:24:39 UTC