Re: CSS 2.1 text-transform ambiguity


	Thanks for your post. It seems, though, as if <input> and <textarea> are 
probably the elements for which the text-transform property is most useful. I 
mean, the CSS spec gives an example with <h1>. It is trivial to handle 
capitalization server-side, rendering the <h1> example superfluous, but form 
elements, which display content determined solely by the user, need CSS to 
handle capitalization. (I *do* have a Javascript solution, but it's pretty ugly 
and is quirky in Gecko.)

-Felipe Gasper

Quoth Boris Zbarsky on 3/1/2004 2:58 PM...

>>     This technique works in Gecko and IE
> Note that there is quite a bit of disagreement over whether it should work in
> Gecko and some proposals for changing the way form controls are implemented
> that would probably make it not work... (for precisely the reasons you
> describe).
> Boris

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