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For me, the reason for being more explicit about the page counter is that it is
not an ordinary counter. The scoping, for example, is not the same as for elements.
Therefore, the counter-reset property doesn't necessarily mean the same when applied to
the page counter. What would it mean on a <p>-element for example? Would it affect the
page onto which the formatted result of the <p>-element goes or the next one? According
to the normal scoping rules it couldn't affect anything, because it doesn't contain
any pages. For a block-level element that carries the page property one could
argue that it "contains" the set of pages that are generated for it and hence resetting
the page counter on it would affect these pages. But that is merely interpretation.



BIGELOW,JIM (HP-Boise,ex1) wrote:
> Werner,
> Thank you for you comment. It has been assigned issue number 33.
> You wrote:
>>I think it would be interesting to specify that the counter 
>>"page" can be reset. 
> The CSS working group agrees.  While it is not specifically mentioned in
> this document, there is a property, counter-reset, in CSS Level 2, Level 2.1
> and Level 3, that does as you suggest.
> Best regards,
> Jim

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