Re: [css3-page] Section 3.4.2. Cascading in the page context


The specificity calculation is expressed in terms of selectors, which in turn
are expressed in terms of elements. It could indeed also apply to at-page rules.
But shouldn't the specification then say somewhere that an "anonymous" at-page rule
corresponds to the universal element selector and a named at-page rule to a
type selector?



BIGELOW,JIM (HP-Boise,ex1) wrote:
> Werner,
> Thank you for your comment, it has been assign the number 34.
> You wrote:
>>Shouldn't there also be a cascading relationship between 
>>"anonymous" at-page rules and named at-page rules, where the 
>>latter would be stronger then the former?
> I think the concept of specificity [1] already supplies the relationship you
> describe.
> Jim
> [1] Item 3 of

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