Re: Border and background images

Anne van Kesteren wrote:

>> So here's an alternate proposal:
>>   Leave image borders for a later draft.
>>   Publish backgrounds and borders without image borders but *with a 
>> way of
>>   specifying multiple backgrounds on a single element*.
> If '::outide' is going to make it, can't we just use that 
> pseudo-element? Also, a lot of pages are fixed width, like 
> and don't really need multiple backgrounds or border images. What they 
> need is proper support for '::before' and '::after'.

Using ::outside or ::before and ::after to add multiple background images
is a workaround. ::outside in particular would not work very well. If you
want a fallback background color, it needs to be specified on the element
itself so UAs without ::outside support (most of them) can use it. But then
the ::outside background will be completely invisible because the element's
background color overpaints it. Then there's the problem of the element
itself getting margins and positioning while ::outside stays put. Their box
edges will no longer coincide, so the background specified on ::outside
won't be where it needs to be. If you use ::before and ::after for background
images, then you can't use them for generated content.

If you want multiple backgrounds, the best way to do it is to make it
possible to specify them on the element itself through the background
properties. Workarounds are just not going to be as robust.

Also, web page design should be fluid. Max-width is ok if it's specified in
ems (it can help readability), but requiring my window to be a certain pixel
height/width is just wrong, IMHO.


Received on Saturday, 28 August 2004 15:02:47 UTC