Re: Border and background images (Re: CSS Attribute Proposal)

Bert Bos wrote:

> Yes, that is indeed the right place, but you probably noticed that that
> draft is quite old. It isn't abandoned, but interest in fancy borders
> seems to have diminished a lot and it didn't seem important to publish a
> new version.
> However, seeing this message, maybe there is interest still and we should
> publish another draft, even if it has many loose ends still...

The trouble with fancy borders is the difficulty of specifying them right
and of implementing them. But most of what page authors are doing is using
background images to achieve the effect, inserting extra elements to have
the necessary frames to attach them to.

So here's an alternate proposal:
   Leave image borders for a later draft.
   Publish backgrounds and borders without image borders but *with a way of
   specifying multiple backgrounds on a single element*.

It should be relatively easy to specify and to implement, and we'll get the
CSS3 backgrounds and borders properties out sooner, which is needed.



Received on Thursday, 26 August 2004 21:01:05 UTC